I’m about to do something crazy.

I love the interwebz. I’ve loved it since I first heard about the concept in 1994, watching Ghostwriter on PBS. I begged my parents for a “modem”, not knowing that our 1990 PC was not quite ready for that kind of technology.

I love connecting. I love blogging. I love social media and Pinterest.

I love reading the newspaper on my iPad over coffee in the mornings, followed by Perez Hilton…which is okay, because he is a nice guy nowūüėČ

I love keeping up with people I know in real life via their blogs, and getting to know new people that I have yet to meet in real life.¬†I’m even going to my first blogging conference this weekend, and I am so excited!!

The thing, however, is that it takes time. It takes wasted time and free time. It takes all sorts of time. And I’m tired of losing that time. I’m tired of looking back at my day and knowing that I didn’t do as much as I could have. It’s just a click here, and a swipe there, but it adds up. I watch movies with my phone in hand to entertain me during the dull scenes. I have the attention span of a gnat.

So when I read my friend Heather’s¬†Facebook post about giving up daytime internet and TV for lent, I was both intrigued and smacked with a wave of panic. Is that something I could do?? Then I read Natasha’s post about having more time for her family, instead of saying in¬†five more minutes¬†all the time.

And I started to wonder. While I browsed Pinterest this morning, I wondered. While I folded my mountain of laundry, I wondered. While I bribed my kids to clean up their toys downstairs, I wondered.

And then I made a drastic decision, because we all know I love “challenges”!

When I hit “publish” on this post, the computer is being shut down for the day. My phone data is being turned off. The iPad is being stowed in it’s pretty little case. This will follow every day between 9am and 7pm on weekdays from now until Easter.

Call it late-Lent.

I need your help. I need you to kick my connected azz if you see me online between now and then.

A few exceptions:

  • this Friday and Saturday when I am at BlogWest…because duh, it’s a blogging conference.
  • looking up recipes for dinner, although I will try to decide what I’m doing the night before and have it printed/written out
  • emergency look-ups (addresses, etc)

How did TV avoid the cutting block? Quite simply, I need to run and walk and workout during the day, and I cannot stare at a blank wall for 60 minutes a day without wanting to dig my eyeballs out with a spoon. I could do my cardio at night, but I kind of like to spend time with my husband…so there you have it!

I won’t lie: I’m terrified. This is worse than cutting out sugar! But we need to play and interact more, and I need to be more present in my day. I did it for most of our holiday, and it was nice.

So, with a gulp and a prayer, here I go! Wish me luck…and comment and tweet lots so that I have a reward to look forward to tonight!!

6 thoughts on “Dis-connect

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